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Heater Repair
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Heater Repair Services

There’s no worse time for your heater to stop working than in Texas’ cold months. Though Texas winters are often considered mild, you still need your heater to make your home as cozy as possible. If you require heater repair, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Straight Shooter Heating and Cooling!

When it’s time to turn on your heater, you don’t want to have to worry about what issues may come about. By getting regular tune-ups and maintenance on your system, you can rest assured that you will have nothing to worry about when it’s time to turn on your heater. Regular maintenance helps to offset the cost of an even bigger breakdown of your system and ensures that you will get the most out of your system for years to come.

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Signs You Need Heater Repair

There are quite a few signs that your system can show if it requires a repair. What it comes down to is being able to recognize those signs and act appropriately to get the problem taken care of. It’s important to know just what those signs could be, and that’s what we’re here to inform you of!

  • Odd smells
  • Increase in the energy bill
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Home isn’t warming

Odd Smells

If your system is emitting odd smells that don’t normally happen when you turn your heater on, this could be an indicator that something isn’t right. It’s common to smell something that seems like it’s burning when you first turn on your heater for the season, but that smell eventually dissipates once your heater has been running for a few minutes. Smells that are out of the ordinary for your system are the ones that you should be concerned about — pick up the phone to call the professionals for help. 

Increase In The Energy Bill

This is one of the most common but clear signs that your system could show you indicating a need for repair. For some reason, your system is needing to work harder than it usually does to meet the temperature demand you set on your thermostat. If you begin to notice that your energy bill is increasing around the same time you’re using your heater, it may be time to get the unit checked out.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

If you see dust flying around your home or notice that you’re suffering from allergies during a time that you usually don’t, this could be an indicator that you need to get your system checked. Many homeowners don’t realize that your central heating system plays a large role in maintaining good air quality in your home. If your system isn’t maintained properly, it could move dust, dirt and other potentially dangerous particles around your home.

Home Isn’t Warming

Probably the clearest sign of needing heater repair is your heater simply not working. If you’re constantly turning up the heat but still need layers and small space heaters to stay warm, something is most definitely wrong with your heater. Once you begin to notice your heater blowing cold air, or not turning on at all, contact an HVAC company for immediate assistance.

Why Choose Us?

Straight Shooter Heating and Cooling is a fast heater repair company that you can trust. No one wants to go without a heater when you need it the most, and we’re here to make sure that never happens! When it comes to your heater keeping your home warm in the winter, it’s important to get all issues resolved sooner rather than later. 

We want what’s best for you. By offering quick and efficient heater repair services, we’ll have your system back up and running in no time. No matter what the issue is, we’ll be able to handle it for you. Trust the professionals at Straight Shooter Heating and Cooling to take care of you and make sure your home is left feeling the way it should!