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Ductless Cooling Systems in Fort Worth, TX

Everyone’s home is different, so why are most air conditioners designed after a one-size-fits-all model? You can customize almost every other aspect of your home, so why not personalize your cooling system, too? With a ductless AC from Straight Shooter Heating and Cooling, you can.

Customer service is our commitment, and we guarantee professional installation and maintenance. Take advantage of our full ductless AC services and rest assured you’ve made the right choice. Reach out to our team and see how going ductless can work for you.

mini split installation

Second-to-None Split AC Installation in Fort Worth

A ductless AC, also known as a mini-split AC, is an efficient solution to modern air conditioning. Gone are the days of leaky, kinked air ducts and dirty vents. Ductless ACs allow you to install air handlers throughout your space to deliver cooled air without the ductwork.

The trained technicians at Straight Shooter can measure your space to calculate your unique load requirements. Then, we work with you to decide on the perfect model to serve your home. Ready to go ductless? Contact us today to start the process.

What is Ductless Cooling?

Ductless cooling, as its name implies, cools your space without having to install ductwork. Instead, each room gets an air handler, allowing you to cool the air individually in specific zones. This style of air conditioner is more efficient than traditional ducted models and can save you money on your energy bills.

Designate various spaces in your home as high-traffic areas and only cool the rooms you use. You can also control your AC to adjust throughout the day — and even from season to season. Stay comfortable in your home knowing professionals have inspected and installed your system the right way.

Benefits of a Mini-Split System

A mini-split AC can make your home more comfortable in ways a traditional air conditioner never could. Here is a sample of the benefits of a ductless system:

  • Less-invasive installation
  • Sleek, aesthetic design
  • Zone-cooling technology
  • Energy efficiency

With a ductless air conditioner, you can fully customize your home’s climate control. Reach out to us to learn more about how your home can benefit from a mini-split.

Ductless AC Installation and Repair

Interested in installing a ductless AC in your home? Our technicians are here for you from the get-go. We begin the process with a thorough inspection of your space to calculate your load capacity. Then, we walk you through the decision process for choosing the perfect unit from only top-quality materials. Finally we complete a timely installation while being respectful of your home and space.

You can depend on our team to perform needed repairs no matter what time of the year. Don’t forget, when it comes to routine maintenance, our technicians’ eye to detail is second to none. If it’s time to maintain or repair your system, reach out to Straight Shooter.

We Put Our Clients First

We take customer service seriously, so you know that when you choose Straight Shooter, you’re getting the service you deserve. In fact, we treat our clients like family and hold ourselves to high standards. This means we finish each job thoroughly and never cut corners, always leaving your space just as clean as we found it.

Your satisfaction is important to us, so we offer quality guarantees with all of our services. Come see the difference at Straight Shooter today.

Go Ductless with Straight Shooter

There are so many benefits to having a ductless system in your home. From customization to money and energy savings and year-round comfort, the difference is clear. Ready to go ductless? Contact Straight Shooter Heating and Cooling today!

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