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Fort Worth Air Duct Replacement

The comfort of your home relies heavily on the quality of your air conditioning system. If aspects of your system are not up to par, the comfort level of your home will suffer as well. Before assuming that your whole system is going down, it’s best to explore what might be causing the problem.

Air ducts are the main pathways for getting the air from your HVAC system out into the rooms in your home. A problem with your air ducts could be the source of your HVAC problems! If you notice that the air is not distributing the way it should be, call on the professionals here at Straight Shooter Heating and Cooling to take care of it! 

Assisting the community of Fort Worth and other areas of North Texas, we’re dedicated to getting your system back to working the way it should be. By using the best tools and technology, we’ll identify the source of the problem and get it fixed quickly!

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Understanding Air Ducts

To gain a better understanding of how issues with air ducts can lead to a lack of comfort in your home, it’s best to understand how air ducts work. Air ducts are the large, tube-like parts of your system that push the heated or cooled air into your home. Your HVAC system pulls in air through an intake vent and proceeds to heat or cool the air. Once that is completed, the system then forces that conditioned air through the air ducts and air vents to heat or cool your home to your desired temperature. 

A smart way to visualize how important air ducts are is to think of them as your house’s arteries. Arteries in the human body are the muscular tubes that transport oxygen, nutrients and hormones throughout the body. If it weren’t for your arteries, you wouldn’t be able to get the things you need to live a healthy lifestyle.

As long as your arteries stay clean and clear of any disturbance, you’re good to go. When things begin to clog the arteries is when all different kinds of problems start to occur. So, just like the arteries in your body need to stay clean and clear, it’s the same concept for the air ducts in your home.

When To Replace Air Ducts

Several signs may happen over time that are indicators of needing air duct services. While many of the problems you could identify can be easily fixed by repairs, there are important instances when it’s best to choose replacement instead. At Straight Shooter AC, our technicians know exactly when it’s time to get your ducts replaced. These are some of the things our pros look for:


One common problem that ducts may experience is leaks. Due to the flexible nature of the material, it’s easy for holes and leaks to form in the ducts, requiring maintenance. This is a smaller problem that can usually be fixed by re-sealing and repairing, but if enough damage has been done to the air ducts, it’s usually more cost-effective to consider a replacement.


If you’re living in an older home, the air ducts may have just run their course. Like many other housing materials, the things that your air ducts are made up of can deteriorate over time, causing a need for replacement. If your air ducts are 10 years old or older, it may be time to consider calling an air duct installation company.

Odd Sounds and Smells

If you suddenly hear your system making noises you don’t recognize after turning it on, this could be a sign of a damaged air duct. The same thing goes for smells — which could mean mold growth. If your air duct gets damaged by a leak, the moisture could accumulate in your air duct and grow mold.


Air ducts being incorrectly installed the first time is another common cause of needing replacement. The whole point of air ducts is to distribute the air from your HVAC system to the rooms of your home you want it in. If your air ducts are incorrectly sized or were installed wrong, this can cause airflow problems. 

Fort Worth Air Duct Installation

If you live in North Texas and need air duct services, call us at Straight Shooter Heating and Cooling! We’re a committed team of HVAC professionals that are ready to get your home back to feeling how it should. Let us show you why Fort Worth homeowners continue to trust our services.

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