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Air Duct Repairs In Fort Worth, TX

Air ducts are an important aspect of your HVAC system. Without properly working air ducts, your system wouldn’t perform the way it was intended. If you begin to notice that your air ducts aren’t working the way they should, you may require a fast air duct repair.

Straight Shooter Heating and Cooling are one of the best North Texas air duct repair companies. Calling us when you have HVAC problems ensures getting experienced technicians to fully inspect and solve your issues. With air ducts being a large part of your air system, there are many ways something can go wrong. 

That’s why getting the professionals from Straight Shooter Heating and Cooling to come to your home is the fastest and most efficient way to get your HVAC problems fixed. For Fort Worth air duct repairs, we’ve got you covered!

air duct repairs

When Is It Time For A Repair?

One common misconception about problems with HVAC systems is that once a problem shows symptoms, it’s a more significant problem. What many don’t realize is that a lot of air duct problems can be mistaken for the HVAC unit’s problems. Below are some of the common signs you may experience that indicate you require fast air duct repair. Always contact a professional to make sure the right solution for your problem. Contact Straight Shooter Heating & Cooling in Fort Worth, TX if you have any questions.

Higher Energy Bill

One of the first indicators you may notice is an increase in your energy bill. As something that’s typically a part of your monthly budget and something that you monitor closely, increases in energy expenses are sure to be something that catches your eye. Your energy bill increasing during times of the year when it usually isn’t high is an indicator of a need for air duct repair.


Most homeowners know about the responsibility of cleaning and/or replacing their air filters about every three months. If you notice that you’re having to clean your air filters more often than you usually would, that could be an indicator of something not functioning correctly inside your air ducts. It’s normal to see dust in and around your ducts, but once you begin to notice an excessive amount, then it’s time to call an HVAC professional. 

Poor Air Control

The main purpose of air ducts is to push the conditioned air from the main part of the HVAC system through the ducts and into the rooms of your home. If you begin to notice that some rooms in your home are always too hot or too cold compared to other rooms in your house, you may need to get your air ducts checked out. 

Airflow is another issue you may notice if there is a problem with your air ducts. The cause of poor airflow may be that the air ducts are the wrong size for the amount of air that is needed for your home. Something could be blocking proper airflow in them as well.


If the air coming from your system begins to smell dry and musty, you may have a leaking air duct. Holes and leaks in your air duct can result in the accumulation of moisture – which can lead to mold. If mold begins to collect in your air ducts, it can affect the air quality in your home and may potentially become dangerous. 

As soon as you start to notice a different smell coming from your system, call a trusted HVAC company to come and assess the situation. If you let something accumulate in your air ducts for too long, it could pose a threat to your physical health. That is why it’s important to get things like this checked out sooner rather than later!

Fort Worth Air Duct Repairs

Whether you’re experiencing an increase in your energy bill, dust, poor air control, or odors in your home, we’re here to help you! Straight Shooter Heating and Cooling is proud to provide you with a highly skilled technician who can efficiently help you identify and fix any of your air duct problems. When you require fast air duct repairs, give us a call!

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